Providence FAQs


Q. Where will the monument be built?
A. At this stage the exact location for the monument is undecided. Part of the funding for the project is slated for land acquisition and development. We are looking to build in or near a city that would offer to maintain the site after construction is completed. Our preferred site choice is a western coastal, or near coastal, area.

Q. Will the monument have an observation room like the Statue of Liberty?
A. Sorry, No. Providence was designed with her feet and legs exposed. Her legs and the small portion of her robe that touches the ground will be mostly occupied by the steel reinforcing structure that keeps her supported.

Q. Who was the sculpture modeled after? Any one we might know?
A. The artist purposefully did not sculpt Providence to look like anyone he knew. His vision was, in his own words, “to let whoever emerged from the clay become Providence.”

Q. What do the words on her shield mean? What is the symbol on her shield?
A. The artist had very specific purpose in each part of Providence and her symbolism. Her shield represents truth. In the center of her shield is a sunburst or light spreading. In Providence’s case truth spreading forth. The upside down v, or chevron, is a path between the Latin words “Deus” (God), “Sui” (self), “ Aliis” (others). This is the formula for providential living; service to others and others’ service toward us, is always through God, and of course, God’s divine providence to all. For an in depth description of the symbolism in Providence read here: (More)

Q. How tall is she? How tall is that?
A. Height is relative to what you are measuring on the monument. If you measure to the top of her head she will be 112 foot tall. Measured to the tip of her spear the monument will be 147 foot high. However if you add the height of the pedestal, 40 foot, and the knoll which the pedestal sits on (another 30 foot estimated) she will reach 217 feet above ground level. How tall is that? - Scale comparison is always helpful. A 6 foot person standing on the pedestal at her feet would be able to stand under the tail of the snake under her foot. For a visual comparison to the statue of liberty watch the video accessible from the Home and Gallery page of this website.

Q. Will the monument be brown or green?
A. Some have noticed that in pictures of the artist’s original sculpture Providence appears in a warm bronze color and in other pictures green like the Statue of Liberty. Once finished she will be chemically colored in a process called patina. Her original color will be the rich warm brown, but over time, as with the Statue of Liberty, she will (from weathering) turn the traditional antique green patina.

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