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Jay Jarvie- Author, Creator, Futurist

Some people call me an artist, but artists are strange and disjointed people . . .Okay, so maybe I am an artist, but I like to call myself a creator, for most of my work has been in the design and engineering world. Art and science are not so far apart; the two benefit each other. Together they make up what we call industrial design, or I say “creation.” I am a creator!

My father is an artist, one of those strange and disjointed fellows. And it was he that sent me on the path of thinking big and believing I could do anything. You see, as a young teenage boy I had dreams of sitting behind the wheel of an exotic sports car, (what boy doesn’t?) but for me it was different. I was determined. The problem was my determination lacked an exotic car budget. My Dad said, “Build your own,” and from that day on I became a builder of things.

Another factor that formed my life was the fact that I was extremely shy as a child. In fact, “extremely,” may be an understatement. At the time, I thought shyness a curse; in retrospect I see it was a gift from God. Because of this shy nature I became an observer; and as you can surmise from my comments above, I was an observer of art and machines. But the real blessing of my “stand back timidness” was the uniquely peculiar glimpse I got of people and how they treated each other.

I’m sure my perspective has had a lot to do with my observation of people and their relationships, and because of this perspective I, from an early age, had a very poignant interest in seeing mankind overcome his differences and difficulties. It is often said that life is a journey, and on that road, the pathway of our life, there are many challenges and difficulties. It is not only true of our own life, but for the entire human race. Man’s journey has been littered with troubles; troubles that for thousands of years have kept him, as a whole, confined to a lesser civilization.

And now that I am older and more seasoned, I can see that a few others have this same perspective. We believe that we are about to make a shift; a shift in the pathway of human existence. This pathway will not be easy or without trials, but I do believe that it will ultimately bring us to a higher level of civilization; a level of civilization that can best be described as utopian.

There are systems, movements, and what some might call an awakening occurring in the world, an awakening of which I love to discuss, but I believe that there are also events coming that will ultimately change the way a vast majority of the population engages in its relationships with each other. These events will not only be important to give us new direction, but will be pivotal in pointing us to the greater good of man that is ahead.

These events, these “Pivotal Events,” are not going to be an easy transition; in fact, the very notion that they will be difficult is the catalyst that will bind the surviving generation into a family of individuals ready to make the quantum leap into the future. In 2009 I wrote the book Pivotal Event to chronicle my theory of the timing and implications of these events. Many of my projects are an effort to go beyond the book and take proactive steps to prepare others for these, ”Events,” and more particularly the bright future that awaits us after the events.

The Vividus Project is the flagship of my efforts and also the most difficult idea I have attempted to implement. The Statue of Providence monument is a way to bring awareness to the project and serve as a symbolic herald of its principles.

So, who is Jay Jarvie? The very short history of my life, as read above, is one thing, but understanding the premise of the Vividus Project is the real answer.
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