Funding Providence

Where the money will go

Funding for the Statue of Providence Monument will go directly toward the purchase of land, civil development of that land, construction of a raised pedestal and building of the steel framework which will support the finished structure. Additionally, funding will provide for the engineering development of the sculpture’s enlargement, bronze casting and assembly.

How much Money is Needed?

Funding for the project will be accomplished in stages. Initial funding will be to raise enough capital to build a life scale ‘proof of concept’ model of the original sculpture. This life sized ‘proof’ will be used to refine the sculpture, retrieve laser scanning point data for enlargement, refine engineering data, obtain construction estimates and give us a touring model for further fundraising. This first phase will cost fifty thousand dollars. After this first phase is completed we will be able to accurately give a full listing of future expenses.

How Will Funding be Accomplished?

Available March 1st, 2014 funding for the Statue of Providence will be augmented through purchases from our online store/gallery established solely for the purpose of forwarding the monument project. Individuals interested in helping will not only be able to support funding the monument, but gain a valuable piece of commemorative art to personally hold and show that they backed this fantastic project.

How can you be part of this great project?

The best thing you can do is to stay up to date with events associated with the project. Interested individuals should leave their contact information through the ‘subscribe’ system on this page or send an email to We will notify you when the online store is activated and other important events occur.

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