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Jay Jarvie- Sculptor and Project Director (541) 331-1031

Michael Sommermeyer- Public relations

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November 15, 2012
Artist Jay Jarvie Aims to Give Lady Liberty a Sister with Historic Statue of Providence Project

Author, artist, and futurist Jay Jarvie has assembled a team of business professionals to help him in building what may be the most significant public artwork project since the completion of Mt. Rushmore (1939). From his original sculpture artwork titled: Providence Lifts All, Jarvie intends to re-create the sculpture on a much grander scale. At 140 foot tall, the bronze monument will be second in height to no other US sculpture, other than the Statue of Liberty at 151 foot tall. This is no coincidence, as the sculpture is modeled after Lady Liberty and is intended to act as a “sister” monument in both form and symbolism.

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Jay Jarvie Biography

Photos of:
-Sculptor and Project Director Jay Jarvie
-6 views of the original sculpture, “Providence Lifts All”
-A scale comparison of Providence and the Statue of Liberty

All photos are downloadable from the gallery – click here-

Media Appearances:

Jay Jarvie is available for radio, blog and television interview. What can you expect when interviewing Mr. Jarvie? He will certainly challenge you and your audience’s perception about our current economic system, education and the future of the human race. Jay has a dry, sometimes sarcastic sense of humor that often enters into his conversation, but never to a point that denigrates the serious nature of the topics he addresses. Schedule an interview to learn more about the monument and discover the many facets to Mr. Jarvie’s character and ideology.

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