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The Vividus Project:

The Vividus Project is a threefold mission:

One- To set the narrative ideology that will take us into the next century by teaching how to overcome the seven social roadblocks that delay our advancement into a higher level of civilization. Roadblocks which are:

  • 1 Usury- The run amuck of financial usury
  • 2 Work- Physical usury of others either as an overlord or as a recipient of excess charity.
  • 3 Health- Profiteering from medicine and disease.
  • 4 Environment- The imbalance between careless environmental destruction and those who place the environment before the consideration of human needs.
  • 5 Power- Seeking to gain power only for self or associates.
  • 6 Morality- The decline of morality.
  • 7 Communication- The slow coming of true freedoms of speech and information sharing.

Two- Be a part of the movement to ameliorate the education system. To change education from an expensive system of education for education’s sake into a streamlined system that can quickly and efficiently empower people to become productive, self sufficient, and happy in a shorter period of time.

Three- Create a physical program that will motivate, educate and support millions of “typically ignored” people in how to start and successfully operate a small business.

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